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Have you ever heard of (GAGUT)?  God Almighty's  Grand Unified Theorem.  This Theorem mathematically and scientifically proves the existence of God. 

Dr. Gabriel Oyibo, a brilliant mind khemist/mathematician/Nobel peace prize nominee, claims that Hydrogen is the only actual element in the  Periodic Table of Elements.

The difference between a theory and theorem is that, a theorem is a proven system  of facts that haven't  been disproved, while theories are ideas, although the idea may not have been challenged, its usually considered true, until someone takes out the time to disprove the theory. 

Albert Einstein had a theory, while Dr. Gabriel Oyibo has a theorem, which has been challenged and haven't been disproved.

GAGUT also proved geometrically that Hydrogen, also called Africanium, is the only real element on the periodic table of elements while the remaining 117 previously called elements are nuclear compounds of Hydrogen or  Africanium, which now has a potential of making science 118 times simpler to study. 

Hydrogen is considered the messenger of God.

Hydrogen is the only building block of the entire universe. A Hydrogen atom is 99.9999% empty space without Hydrogen nothing would exist you can say Hydrogen is Moonjugwater.