HYDRATE Your Mind, Body and Soul (reusable glass water bottle)


Why Moon Jug is Important.

Moon Jug Water is pure living water full of whole compounds and minerals which comes from our family 15 acres of land. Beneath our natural protected soil sits a majestic organic aquifer which produces pure premium alkali water ready for consumption .

Our water helps to maintain a healthy balance in your body. The body can become too acidic from drinking dead water with high PH Levels, so when consuming water that is balanced it promotes hydration of healthy cells, memory,alkalinity,and stamina.

We bottles straight from the source into glass to maintain the H2O highest purity. Our mission is to educate people about fresh water. We know you deserve to drink fresh living water just like our ancestors did millions of years ago. Moon Jug Water is handled with care and love, our water reigns supreme when tasted giving you instant gratification like never before.